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Jan 26 2022

DECODER joins the OW2 open source code base after three years of EU-funded R&D

Designed since January 2019 as part of a Horizon 2020 European collaborative research project,
the DECODER platform continues its development within the OW2 open source code base.

Paris, May 5, 2022 – OW2, the community promoting open source software for information systems, is pleased to welcome the DECODER open source project, a result of three years of research funded under the European Horizon 2020 programme - see DECODER public deliverables provided during this period. The DECODER software project intelligence platform and its tools for DevSecOps teams are managed by the OW2 member CEA List LSL (software security and safety laboratory) based in Paris-Saclay.

DECODER provides a comprehensive open source framework for DevSecOps teams, leveraging NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies, and cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning techniques. Its goal is to provide greater efficiency throughout the application lifecycle, enhancing code understanding, readability, reuse, compliance and security.  


Dec 20 2021

DECODER and UPV Team Appear in El Periodic Newspaper

DECODER Poster October 2020
Publication: El Periodic (Spain)
Title: UPV participates in the creation of an innovative methodology and tools that simplify the development of new computer programmes
Date: 20/12/2021

Abstract: The DECODER project provides programmers with an intelligent system that facilitates their daily work and contributes to improving their productivity
In the project, coordinated by the Austrian company Technikon, participated personal investigator of the Instituto VRAIN of the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Read the El Periodic article
Read the Press Release and UPV news article

Nov 09 2021

OW2 presents DECODER at OSXP

The OW2 open source community invites Open Source Experience Paris attendees to discover the H2020 DECODER platform in order to accelerate their software development, with quality and security. .

Paris, November 9, 2021 - The OW2 open source community booth #C16 is showcasing the DECODER platform, a new open source toolbox for DevSecOps teams at OSXP’21, 9-10 November, Paris Palais des Congrès. This platform is an outcome of the DECODER project that gathers seven members from four European countries, including one university (Universitat Politècnica de València), one research organization (CEA List), two industrial partners (Capgemini, Sysgo), two SMEs (Technikon, Tree Technology) and OW2 as non-profit organization. It is coordinated by Technikon, with CEA List as Technical Leader and involves OW2 as dissemination leader and use case provider.. 

Thanks to its methodology and its comprehensive toolset including the DECODER PKM (Persistent Knowledge Monitor), and specific modules designed for developers, testers and maintainers, the DECODER platform can automatically analyze and document IoT and cloud computing projects, providing a deeper understanding of software codes and their changes.

The tools developed in DECODER have the potential to help developers manage the complexity of source code, as well as the complexity of artefacts such as requirements, diagrams, designs, documentation and test results,” says Armand Puccetti, CEA List Research Engineer, before adding: “Leveraging the information stored in this informal or semi-formal documents is one key goal of the DECODER project.”  

DECODER provides a comprehensive open source framework for the DevSecOps teams, leveraging technologies such as NLP (natural language processing), and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Its main objective is to offer more efficiency along the application lifecycle, through code understanding, readability, reusability, compliance and security. 

The DECODER project received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 824231.
For more information about DECODER, please visit:

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Jun 09 2021

The DECODER Platform showcased at OW2con'21

Virgile Prevosto (CEA List) is presenting today the DECODER Open Source Project Intelligence Platform  during the OW2 annual conference.

Paris, June 24, 2021 - Several hundreds of OW2con’21 attendees can discover today the new DECODER platform offering big software discovery and analysis features to developers, testers and maintainers. Virgile Prevosto, Researcher at CEA List and project technical lead, is presenting the DECODER platform to online participants, on June 24 at 9:45AM CET, after 30 months of joint development, explaining what makes it a smart environment for IT designers, software testers and maintainers involved in big software. 

The DECODER project is a H2020 European Commission funded project gathering seven members from four European countries, including one University, one research organization, two industrial partners and three SMEs. It is coordinated by Technikon, with CEA List as Technical Leader and involves OW2 as dissemination leader and use case provider. 

Virgile Prevosto summarizes the project outcomes after 30 months of joint development, and explains what makes the platform a greater environment for IT designers, software testers and maintainers involved in Big Software.

Read the full DECODER at OW2con'21 Press Release

Oct 06 2020

Exploring Software Code to Understand Design Intentions

DECODER Poster October 2020
Date: October 6, 2020
Authors:  Virgile Prevosto (CEA List) and Olivier Bouzereau (OW2)
Publications: Rocking Robots, Medium

In order to ease collaboration between programmers, testers, and system operators, the DECODER platform provides deep analysis of source code repositories involved in business applications or embedded systems.

The goal of DECODER is to improve the efficiency of development, testing, verification and validation through a centralized platform. This platform is a work in progress, as it consolidates various sources of information to keep the knowledge about source code repositories, libraries and components in sync. An original feature of the project is that it considers software code as a form of natural language. Therefore, it relies on NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools and semi-formal abstract models to understand the intentions and the properties of source code.

Sep 22 2020

DECODER Horizontal Poster

Due to the pandemic lockdown, we had to adapt the DECODER poster to screen displays. RCIS 2020 gave us a first opportunity to participate with a new horizontal poster, designed for PC & TV screens, along with an unprecedented explainer video.


Jul 14 2020

#Success Story DECODER

DECODER featured in July's #Success Story of the Austrian National Funding Agency FFG. The full article (in German) is available here.


Jun 03 2020

The DECODER Project will be showcased at OW2online’20, June 17

Several hundreds of OW2 members and partners will learn more about the DECODER Software Project Intelligence Platform designed for DevOps teams, during the OW2 annual conference.

Paris, June 3, 2020 - The DECODER Project team is glad to present a smarter environment for DevOps teams at OW2online’20. The DECODER project gathers seven members from four European countries, including one University, one research organization, two industrial partners and three SMEs. It is coordinated by Technikon, with CEA List as Technical Leader and involves OW2 as dissemination leader and use case provider. 

View the full Press Release.

Mar 31 2020

Programmez! 2020 Article

Programmez! April 2020

Title: Understanding external codes, mastering dependancies

Abstract: Opening the second part of a large DevOps dossier distributed over two issues, this Programmez! French article reveals DevOps best practices through the description of two ongoing European-funded Horizon 2020 research projects: DECODER and FASTEN.

Jun 19 2019

OW2con'19 Press Review

OW2con'19 Press Review

Title: OW2con'19 confirms the industrial maturity of open source

Abstract: The OW2 open source community supports multiple innovative European projects. It signals cooperation around open codes as a key for IT industry services.

On June 12th and 13th, at Orange's innovation center in Paris Châtillon, the OW2 open source community brought together more than 300 decision-makers and developers from 13 different nationalities. The opportunity to confirm the concrete progress of the members and projects of the association, and its growing role in European research, through Horizon 2020 projects in particular. OW2's annual conference provides an overview of European open source research with Aegis, Crossminer, Decoder, Fasten, Melodic, ReachOut, and Stamp projects, with research projects often delivering open and actionable tools by corporate IT departments.

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