Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Enterprise Applications

DECODER use-cases provide several experimentation fields for the new framework, tools and methods developed in the project.

The following areas are being addressed: IoT and embedded systems. Artificial Intelligence, IoT and computer vision. And, enterprise computing including Cloud computing/Big Data and Middleware/Cloud computing.

However, DECODER outcomes such as the methods and general-purpose languages are expected to be applicable to other application domains.

DECODER Use Cases per Partner

Here are the main use cases planned in order to show how the DECODER framework and tools can be usefully applied to the development of real source code:

  1. CEA is leading Drivers, a first use case focused on Operating System drivers quality assessment (including linux, eLinOS) and code map improvements.
  2. Treelogic drives OpenCV, a second use case about quality assessment and code map, in image recognition for Human-Robot Interaction applications.
  3. Capgemini with MyThaiStar use case brings up usable documentation through the extraction and verification of Industry Standard Application Design Documentation.
  4. OW2 Java use case is exploring the DECODER Java framework with several relevant projects selected from its open source code base.
  5. Capgemini also participates in the project as a use case provider to experiment the DECODER Java framework.
  6. Sysgo and Treelogic are providing use cases to experiment the DECODER C/C++ framework.

Expected Benefits

DECODER formal analysis, modelling, knowledge acquisition, traceability matrix and code analysis can increase the levels of performance, security and availability of multiple enteprise applications, including open source projects.

The application of the DECODER platform and toolset will provide improvements such as gains in productivity and quality. In particular, the maintenance activities will be enhanced, both at quality gates and in continuous integration settings.

Moreover, the integration efforts made collectively by the DevOps team members will also benefit from the specifications and documentation of each component involved in distributed applications.