European Big Data Value Forum 2021


Date: Thursday, December 02, 2021
Time: 9:30AM-10:00AM
Place: online and Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Title: DECODER, an OSS Platform to reduce the complexity of source code
Speaker: Pierre-Yves Gibello (OW2)
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With the European DECODER Project, an ongoing H2020 collaborative research and innovation project, all stakeholders in business applications can benefit from advanced analysis in order to produce more stable and secure services.

Turning as best as possible code artefacts into formal data reduces the maintenance costs and thus the total costs of ownership of software improvements. Thanks to the DECODER platform, developers, testers and maintainers can collaborate around a central persistent knowledge database. They obtain an augmented view of integrated software code through a combination of Natural Language Processing techniques, Machine Learning and Formal Methods.

Event agenda

DECODER H2020 Project Podcast

A Software Project Intelligence platform to increase the productivity and the quality of software contributions

DECODER designers are not only open source advocates. They want to provide a Software Project Intelligence platform to increase the productivity and the quality of all software contributors. Starting in 2022, the DECODER toolset will join the OW2 open source code base, and thus will become available to every cloud or IoT solution stakeholders.
- Olivier Bouzereau is project coordinator at OW2, an independent community dedicated to promoting open source software for information systems and to fostering their business ecosystems.

EUvation podcastListen to the DECODER EUvation podcast - Or use this link to listen the podcast on Spotify

Paris Technical Meeting

Date: 15-16 November 2021
Location: PARIS ESCP Europe Business School + Remote (Zoom Meeting)
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Date: 13-14 October 2020
Conference: SFScon'21
Place: Bolzano (Italy)

DECODER is part of the OW2 presentation track presenting the project outcomes, at this major open source event in Bolzano. 

Title: DECODER Platform to speed up software development, with quality and security

Speaker: Virgile Prevosto, CEA List

Thanks to state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence techniques, IoT and cloud computing projects are now automatically analyzed and documented by DECODER. This is increasing workgroup productivity from software designers to SaaS operators, including testers and maintainers. First external contributions are made possible through the ReachOut platform, where beta-testers can try and run several DECODER software in their own environment.


OSXP 2021, Paris

ReachOut platform will be showcased during the main open source event in Paris, next November.

Open Source Experience Paris
Date: 9-10 Nov. 2021
Place: Palais des congrès, Paris
Event website:

Open Source Experience is the new key European event (replacing Paris Open Source Summit), with the goal to bring together the entire open source expert community for two days for a new dynamic in a sector that is constantly innovating. Open Source Experience offers:
- A hybrid physical-and-digital event format
- A unique and relevant program.
- A showroom with over 70 exhibitors, over 150 conferences
- A digital platform for greater visibility, lead detection and content sharing

OW2 is participating in Open Source Experience both in the conferences and in the exhibition.
A community booth is shared by OW2 with three collaborative projects were OW2 is involved as dissemination partner: ReachOut, DECODER and FASTEN and with corporate members Xwiki and FusionDirectory.

OW2 presents DECODER at OSXP

The OW2 open source community invites Open Source Experience Paris attendees to discover the H2020 DECODER platform in order to accelerate their software development, with quality and security. .

Paris, November 9, 2021 - The OW2 open source community booth #C16 is showcasing the DECODER platform, a new open source toolbox for DevSecOps teams at OSXP’21, 9-10 November, Paris Palais des Congrès. This platform is an outcome of the DECODER project that gathers seven members from four European countries, including one university (Universitat Politècnica de València), one research organization (CEA List), two industrial partners (Capgemini, Sysgo), two SMEs (Technikon, Tree Technology) and OW2 as non-profit organization. It is coordinated by Technikon, with CEA List as Technical Leader and involves OW2 as dissemination leader and use case provider.. 

Thanks to its methodology and its comprehensive toolset including the DECODER PKM (Persistent Knowledge Monitor), and specific modules designed for developers, testers and maintainers, the DECODER platform can automatically analyze and document IoT and cloud computing projects, providing a deeper understanding of software codes and their changes.

The tools developed in DECODER have the potential to help developers manage the complexity of source code, as well as the complexity of artefacts such as requirements, diagrams, designs, documentation and test results,” says Armand Puccetti, CEA List Research Engineer, before adding: “Leveraging the information stored in this informal or semi-formal documents is one key goal of the DECODER project.”  

DECODER provides a comprehensive open source framework for the DevSecOps teams, leveraging technologies such as NLP (natural language processing), and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. Its main objective is to offer more efficiency along the application lifecycle, through code understanding, readability, reusability, compliance and security. 

The DECODER project received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement 824231.
For more information about DECODER, please visit:

About OW2
OW2 is an independent community dedicated to promoting open source software for information systems and to fostering their business ecosystems. OW2 federates 50+ organizations and 2500+ IT professionals world wide. OW2 hosts 50+ technology Projects, including: ASM, AuthzForce, BlueMind, CLIF, DocDoku, FusionDirectory, GLPI, JORAM, Knowage, LemonLDAP:NG, Lutece, OCS Inventory, Petals ESB, Prelude, ProActive, Rocket.Chat, SAT4J, SeedStack, Sympa, Telosys, Waarp, WebLab and XWiki. Visit, follow us on Twitter @ow2.

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CodeMatcher performs fuzzy search

Title: CodeMatcher, Searching Code Based on Sequential Semantics of Important Query Words
Authors: Chao Liu - Xin Xia - David Lo - Zhiwe Liu - Ahmed E. Hassan - Shanping Li

Abstract: To accelerate software development, developers frequently search and reuse existing code snippets from a large-scale codebase, e.g., GitHub. Over the years, researchers proposed many information retrieval (IR)-based models for code search, but they fail to connect the semantic gap between query and code. An early successful deep learning (DL)-based model DeepCS solved this issue by learning the relationship between pairs of code methods and corresponding natural language descriptions. 

Two major advantages of DeepCS are the capability of understanding irrelevant/noisy keywords and capturing sequential relationships between words in query and code. In this article, we proposed an IR-based model CodeMatcher that inherits the advantages of DeepCS (i.e., the capability of understanding the sequential semantics in important query words), while it can leverage the indexing technique in the IR-based model to accelerate the search response time substantially. 


OSXP 2021 Slidedeck and downloadable Press Releases



Example of Slidedeck used at OSXP 2021 in Paris, 5-6 October 2021, to present DECODER and the ReachOut platform used for beta-testing campaigns.
A dedicated DECODER Pod on the OW2 booth also provided demos and up-to-date Press Releases available in English and French using QR code to avoid multiple printed documents. More photos of the OW2 booth at OSXP'21 in the event section.

Facebook GSLM textless NLP


Facebook recently introduced a generative spoken language model (GSLM) called textless NLP.
The research team believes that their GSLM can be an effective method for pre-training downstream tasks trained with few available labelled or annotated data, like spoken summarization, information retrieval tasks, and sentiment analysis.
GSLM uses the latest breakthroughs in representation learning, allowing it to work directly from raw audio signals, without any text or labels. According to Facebook, this opens the door to a new era of textless NLP applications for potentially every language spoken on Earth — even those without significant or limited text datasets. In addition, it enables the development of NLP models that incorporate the full range of expressivity of oral language.

SWForum Project Spotlight

SWforumEU Project Spotlight is highlighting DECODER.


Date: 22 September 2021
Place: online
Link to SWForum Project Spotlight

DECODER aims to improve the efficiency of software development & maintenance, and the quality of software in medium criticality systems, such as in IoT, cloud computing and HPC.

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