Armand Puccetti, CEA List Research Engineer

Developers have to drive through the complexity of software source code


The impact on business is to let Machine Learning help developers and maintainers to produce better code that is easier (and cheaper) to maintain as it is delivered with its related artefacts. After all, project is the result of the transformation of knowledge into code.


DECODER H2020 Project Podcast

Another look at improving efficiency, speed and development protocols in software development


The set of tools designed by the DECODER project team will streamline software development. In this Technikon Podcast, Victoria Torres (UPV), explains how the DevOps team will benefit from this smart environment, including architects, coders, testers and maintainers. Victoria Torres is Professor at Polytechnic University of Valencia in the department of computer systems and computation.

EUvation podcastListen to the DECODER EUvation podcast - Or use this link to listen the podcast on Spotify

Marcos Fernández Díaz, Tree Technology Senior Data Scientist

Machine Learning on source code is a promising field to work in


Tree Technology is making use of recent milestones and know-how built on NLP in order to apply them to source code, namely developing the most advanced sequential models based on deep learning.


Ingo Speer, SYSGO project engineer

Making DECODER a great project for developers in regulated industries


With more than 25 years of experience in developing safety-critical software, SYSGO brings the knowledge about embedded industrial software development with respect to standards, best practices and verification.


Stefan Ilić, Technikon Researcher

Sharing a broad knowledge of an entire software


DECODER is an ambitious project with the goal of making large software development process easier. It offers the tools to unify all component artefacts, from code to documentation, in a single database with relevant relations between them. 


Victoria Torres Bosch, Researcher at Universitat Politècnica de València

Large software evolution to rely on agile and formal methods


DECODER has been conceived to improve the software development process by helping and assisting the involved stakeholders in their respective tasks within the process. For this purpose, different type of queries and visualizations over the knowledge stored in the Persistent Knowledge Monitor (the core component in the DECODER architecture) will be defined.

DECODER Project: the point of view from Victoria Torres Bosch, UPV Researcher.

Miguel Jaen, Senior Consultant at Capgemini

Software knowledge for developers and maintainers


DECODER aims at solving a problem that exists with all legacy software: trying to understand the code. It’s a problem I personally experienced first hand. For some time I have been working on open source software that was community-supported, assembling open source components in solution platforms and improving them on the way.

Virgile Prevosto Researcher at List, a CEA Tech Institute

Mastering the code used in a system


The DECODER project aims at providing powerful tools for developers to get thorough understanding of a given piece of software. This is crucial when attempting to reuse legacy code and/or integrate third-party libraries, for which the official documentation might not provide sufficient and up-to-date details to ensure that it will behave as expected by the developer.

DECODER project kick-off interview




In this Technikon Podcast, Dr. Armand Puccetti explains what DECODER means for the future of software development. Then, Ana Cidad, the R&D Manager, talks about several challenges of the project. Finally, Virgile Prevosto, technical project leader, details what to expect when DECODER will wrap up, at the end of 2021. 

EUvation podcastListen to the EUvation podcast

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