The DECODER Platform showcased at OW2con'21

Virgile Prevosto (CEA List) is presenting today the DECODER Open Source Project Intelligence Platform  during the OW2 annual conference.

Paris, June 24, 2021 - Several hundreds of OW2con’21 attendees can discover today the new DECODER platform offering big software discovery and analysis features to developers, testers and maintainers. Virgile Prevosto, Researcher at CEA List and project technical lead, is presenting the DECODER platform to online participants, on June 24 at 9:45AM CET, after 30 months of joint development, explaining what makes it a smart environment for IT designers, software testers and maintainers involved in big software. 

The DECODER project is a H2020 European Commission funded project gathering seven members from four European countries, including one University, one research organization, two industrial partners and three SMEs. It is coordinated by Technikon, with CEA List as Technical Leader and involves OW2 as dissemination leader and use case provider. 

Aligned with the OW2online’21 focus on “Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem”, the DECODER open source platform combines information from different sources to share software knowledge between developers, testers and maintainers. This centralized knowledge contains very heterogeneous documents (code, comments, documentation, formal specifications, tests and static analysis reports, etc.). 

A set of NLP-based tools is trained to extract relevant semantic information and find correspondences between the documents, either to provide accurate code summarization or to generate a formal view of a plain-text document, which can then be fed to code analyzers. Thanks to its methodology and its comprehensive toolset, DECODER brings a deeper understanding of software codes and their evolutions. 

DECODER provides a comprehensive open source toolset, leveraging technologies such as NLP (natural language processing), and ML (Machine Learning). Its main objective is to offer more efficiency along the application lifecycle, through code understanding, readability, reusability, compliance and security. 

For the second year in a row, the OW2 annual conference is a virtual event along two days (23-24 June) with keynote speeches given by strategists from the European Commission, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, the Open Source Initiative and RIOS (Rete Italiana Open Source). The conference highlights the latest enhancements to the OW2 code base projects and also collaborative research projects including DECODER, FASTEN, MORPHEMIC and the ReachOut H2020 Support Action.  

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