Overall Concept

To improve the workflow of software developers, DECODER is mixing several mature techniques including static source program analysis, model extraction, natural language processing with machine learning. DECODER is producing new components to be tested on industrial application components and to be integrated into official Open Source releases once they are mature and stable. Several components will be integrated in commercial products from the project industrial partners. The DECODER use-cases will also contribute to provide more distribution channels focused on high quality and open source communities.

DECODER aims to provide a free software toolset and a related methodology to help software developer's daily work, taking into account that most software development are leveraging existing software components, mainly from open source code bases.

DECODER Software Infrastructure

The objective of DECODER consists in developing and validating a software infrastructure as a development environment that assists the programmer with: 

  1. an instantaneous access to project documentation, abstract models and verification processes, 
  2. an access to a virtual expert in order to produce code that is functionally correct (including the parameterization of the underlying libraries), free of Run Time Errors, and with a control on memory space and execution time, 
  3. facilities for producing requirements and verifying them, and 
  4. facilities for producing user documentation conformant to requirements. The project applies to software built on large open source C, C++ and Java ecosystems such as OpenCV, the Linux kernel, Lutece, C++ & Java standard libraries, Devonfw.

The project aims to produce a virtuous development cycle applicable to new code as well as mature library code. It naturally adds better documentation, abstraction models, formal verification and a traceability matrix in a common modern development life.

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