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Nov 09 2021

OSXP 2021 Slidedeck and downloadable Press Releases


Example of Slidedeck used at OSXP 2021 in Paris, 9-10 November 2021, to present DECODER and the ReachOut platform used for beta-testing campaigns.
A dedicated DECODER Pod on the OW2 booth also provided demos and up-to-date Press Releases available in English and French using QR code to avoid multiple printed documents. More photos of the OW2 booth at OSXP'21 in the event section.

Sep 10 2021

Adding Jupyter to DECODER

This video is a Capgemini Tutorial explaining how to add Jupyter to DECODER, and why it's interesting to do it.

May 07 2021

DECODER Year 2 Demonstrator

This video is the long version of the DECODER explainer video.

Discover more features in both following video targeting different IT professionals: 

May 04 2021

DECODER Video Explainer

This video by Technikon explains the main issues of large software stakeholders and how the DECODER platform is able to solve them, discovering automatically software code knowledge from a diversity of tools and sharing this knowledge with all participants in the project.

Jan 27 2021

DECODER Platform Workflow

This OW2 animation illustrates how the DECODER platform is processing java project code to extract and store new software knowledge. To integrate your own tool to the platform, please read:

Dec 01 2020

DECODER Overview Video

This 2-minute video by Technikon presents the software increasing ubiquity and complexity, making the reuse and adaptation of software inexorable. It describes how the DECODER open source platform extracts knowledge from existing code, bug reports and documentation. Then the video highlights DECODER ability to collect, transform and manage a variety of software-related data to offer an evolving and efficient IDE (Integrated Development Environment). 

Oct 08 2020

One Minute Video Teaser

This one minute teaser by UPV highlights the DevOps team current issues and how DECODER can contribute to solve them.

Mar 30 2020

15 seconds Video Teaser

This 15 seconds teaser by Technikon presents the key figures, key dates, and organisations involved in the DECODER project.

Dec 09 2019

DECODER Slidedeck

Sep 11 2019