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Dec 28 2020

Big Code has a direct impact on the business outcomes


For developers, code releases are "emotional" events. Many have fear and anxiety at the moment they release code or submit it for review and fear breaking dependencies.

Indeed, managing large and complex code bases (Big Code) can become laborious, time consuming and costly. Joe McKendrick article refers to a 2020 survey of 500 north American professional developers compiled by Dimensional Data and underwritten by Sourcegraph. The Emergence of Big Code survey highlights a dramatic growth in the volume and complexity of software code.

It's almost unanimous: 99% of respondents report that big code has a direct impact on the business outcomes of software development efforts. Challenges include less time for new hires to be productive (62%), code breaking due to a lack of understanding of dependencies (57%), and difficulties managing changes to code (50%).

Read the full article in ZDnet:

Dec 01 2020

DECODER Overview Video

This 2-minute video by Technikon presents the software increasing ubiquity and complexity, making the reuse and adaptation of software inexorable. It describes how the DECODER open source platform extracts knowledge from existing code, bug reports and documentation. Then the video highlights DECODER ability to collect, transform and manage a variety of software-related data to offer an evolving and efficient IDE (Integrated Development Environment).