TESTAR test results extracted while executing MyThaiStar as web system under test


Authors: Fernando Pastor Ricos and Tanja E. Vos from Universitat Politècnica de València

TESTAR test results datasets extracted with TESTAR tool using MyThaiStar web application as System Under Test (SUT). These datasets have been generated to be used as an example to be automatically generated and introduced locally in DECODER PKM, from H2020 DECODER Project.

TESTAR tool is an open source tool for automated testing through graphical user interface (GUI) currently  being  developed  by  the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and the Open University of the Netherlands.

MyThaiStar is the reference application that Capgemini uses internally to promote best programming practices and the correct use of last technologies. It’s is developed with Devon Framework, the standard tool for development at the company.

PKM is the Persistent Knowledge Monitor developed as main infrastructure from H2020 DECODER Project under grant agreement number 824231.

As TESTAR explores automatically the SUT, it will apply a couple of oracles to automatically check if any error or exception is detected at the Document Object Model (DOM) level extracted from MyThaiStar SUT.

  • MyThaiStar_TestResults_dataset.rar: All the information obtained through the DOM is used graphically and semantically to create screenshots, logs and html reports that indicate how TESTAR has navigated in the exploration and indicates if any error has been detected. 
  • ArtefactTestResults_MyThaiStar_2020.1_2020-06-15_12h14m24s.json: for DECODER project purposes, TESTAR test results knowledge has been summarized and referenced in an artifact JSON file to adapt to PKM input requirements.