Agile Testing + DevOps = DevTestOps


"DevOps is now really DevTestOps and for teams to be truly agile, test management is the vital link in the success of DevOps. You require TestOps to match the pace of DevOps and testing early and often — breaking the silos."

In fact, the World Quality Report 2019-2020 led by Capgemini shows that there is increased investment in the QA and Test function reported by 90% of US and 69% percent of Canadian survey participants in the past four years.

The report concludes with five recommendations to support organizations in progressing wider agile and DevOps adoption:

  1. Build a smart and connected testing eco-system deploying intelligent analytics
  2. Raise the game on security. Introduce security testing early in the lifecycle —during design
  3. Expand  AI-related  skillsets  within  the  test  team  by onboarding  data  science,  statistics, mathematics, and more
  4. Re-imagine test automation as a platform
  5. Raise awareness and visibility of test environments; adopt a center of excellence approach for test data management

Greater  use  of  automation  and  artificial  intelligence  are  also  revealing  a  skills  gap  in  some organizations. 41% identified a ‘lack of proper skills for QA & Testing’ as a technical challenge. While 58% of organizations surveyed have brought in external AI expertise, either because it’s not part of their core business, (23%), they needed AI knowledge fast (24%) or it was a requirement for a limited amount of time only (11%).