BotPress NLP Open Source Stack


In a recent podcast with Software Engineering Daily, Sylvain Perron, CEO of BotPress, explains how BotPress is different from other bot platforms.

"The biggest competitors are the Google and Microsoft, where they offer natural language as a service. And I think that's very difficult to get something high-quality out of those service. And that's kind of like the Firebase approach versus Postgres, whereas with Firebase, like you don't control really well like all the configuration and options. 

And the way Botpress works is, and we're sort of the only one that does that, it's an open source stack. You run it on your computer. You can actually customize everything behind. And so you can really get the extra juice out of the engine. You can really fine tune anything you want. And also, the other advantage is that you can actually host that platform anywhere you want. So if you want to deploy on AWS or on Azure, you can do that, whereas if you go with the major cloud platform, you're actually stuck with that vendor. 

And so it's not very flexible. And so imagine you're your bank or healthcare provider, the idea of streaming all of your customers’ interactions over to Google might be frightening. So for any kind of application, I think developers want this kind of experience where they have control over the stack. And I don't think it feels natural to use just like an HTTP service that does that for you and you have no control. It's like a black box and anything can break at any moment. With Botpress, it's much more natural. It feels like regular software."