Open Research Webinar


Open Research Webinars is a new webinar series launched by OW2 and the Eclipse Foundation in December 2020. The aim is to introduce european software research projects that help shape the future of open source software and the IT industry. The webinars will focus on international partners leveraging open source in European publicly-funded collaborative research and innovation programs.

  • Virgile Prevosto (CEA List) presents the H2020 DECODER Project March 4 at 16:15 CET. 
  • Antonio Kung (Trialog) and Yod Samuel Martín (UPM) present the H2020 PDP4E project at 16:35 CET.

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Open Research Webinar Screenshots


Open Research Webinar Video

0:00:00​ - Welcome and introduction by Cedric Thomas (OW2)
0:07:48​ - DECODER H2020 project by Virgile Prevosto (CEA List)
0:23:12​ - PDP4E team introduction by Philippe Krief (Eclipse Foundation)
0:24:45​​ - PDP4E H2020 project by Yod Samuel Martín (UPM)
0:36:27​ - PDP4E H2020 project by Antonio Kung (Trialog)
0:40:55​​ - Wrap-up by Philippe Krief (Eclipse Foundation)

DECODER Presentation Slides