Blog - posts for April 2020

Apr 23 2020

DECODER H2020 Project Podcast

Another look at improving efficiency, speed and development protocols in software development


The set of tools designed by the DECODER project team will streamline software development. In this Technikon Podcast, Victoria Torres (UPV), explains how the DevOps team will benefit from this smart environment, including architects, coders, testers and maintainers. Victoria Torres is Professor at Polytechnic University of Valencia in the department of computer systems and computation.

EUvation podcastListen to the DECODER EUvation podcast - Or use this link to listen the podcast on Spotify

Apr 08 2020

Algorithm and Data Structure Visualization


Visualizations can help us understand how data structures and algorithms work. 

The website provides great visualization and animations on advanced algorithms. Most of them are discussed in 'Competitive Programming', co-authored by two brothers Dr Steven Halim and Dr Felix Halim. Today, some of these advanced algorithms visualization/animation can only be found in VisuAlgo. 

An online quiz system has been added that allows students to test their knowledge of basic data structures and algorithms. It generates questions and check the student answers automatically.

Apr 06 2020

Remote Technical Meeting


Meeting: DECODER Technical Meeting
Date: 6-7 May 2020
Place: online

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Technical Meeting, previously scheduled at CEA List in Palaiseau, will take place remotely. Participants in the project are welcome to register through the link below where the meeting agenda and connection links are posted.