What's in the project name

DECODER stands for DEveloper COmpanion for Documented and annotatEd code Reference. The project participants develop an open source Integrated Development Environment dedicated to improve the efficiency of software development and maintenance and the quality of software in medium criticality systems, such as in IoT, cloud computing and HPC.

DECODER: the Software Project Intelligence platform

DECODER builds an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that combines information from different sources through formal and semi-formal models to deliver software project intelligence to shorten the learning curve of software programmers and maintainers and increase their productivity.  Developers will deliver high quality code that are more secure and better aligned with requirements and maintainers will immediately know what has been done, how and with what tools.


News and Events


Fosdem 2020, Brussels


DECODER First Review, Brussels


POSS 2019, Paris


DECODER Interview

https://www.decoder-project.eu/download/Interviews/Marcos_Fernandez_Diaz/MarcosFernandez.jpgTree Technology is making use of recent milestones and know-how built on NLP in order to apply them to source code, namely developing the most advanced sequential models based on deep learning. Read Marcos Fernández Díaz, Tree Technology Senior Data Scientist.




Four use cases developed by the project's industrial partners in the project help validate the technologies from a market perspective and provide feedback to the developers. 



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DECODER is an open source project, it depends on an open community contributing to open technologies. Related research projects, R&D engineers, early users and open source contributors are welcome to join the DECODER community, to try the platform and tools, to participate in physical and remote worshops. Please share DECODER information using the project community page and the social media buttons below.

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